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Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



The creators of the hybrid point-and-click detective story game Devil’s Eyes will soon release a full length visual novel, following the release of the prequel game Devil’s Hearts. With a compelling story line, an intriguing mystery, and a ton of twists and turns, this game can put you on the edge of your seat. Follow a suspiciously normal student and catch him in the act of murder. Use your intuition to unravel the tragic secret behind the Devil’s Eyes, in a story that is unlike any other. This is a modern classic detective thriller in the most beautiful and artistic game format, keeping you engrossed for hours.
Game Features:
– Help police inspector Mike Dillon track down the killer in a story that will keep you guessing!
– An engaging narrative with characters that feel real!
– Multiple endings depending on choices you make in the game.
– Original and beautiful artwork.
– A high adventure novel experience for all ages.
– Amusing story and music.
– Interactive and cinematic elements.
– Multiple choices in the game.
– Short and long play styles.
– Easy to learn, hard to master.
– Premium content available.
– Original and professional voice acting.
– English and French voice acting available.
– New level of depth with the addition of gameplay mechanics to the story
– Free to play.
– And more.

What do you get when a dead body stops the train? Who do you call for a train crash and how will you explain it to the police?
Murder mystery with a difference in this jazzy detective story!
Lonely and frustrated, a nice English student gets on a train travelling to a small town. His meeting point with the clerk of a local store is to buy a torch and a very special pair of gloves. The clerk tells him about the “normal” people who have booked the same train in their own carriage. One of them is the allegedly quite normal clerk, next to the supposedly quite normal lawyer. The clerk asks if he is following their conversation. Upon learning of the clerk’s bad experience with the police, the lawyer seems genuinely interested in the clerk’s plans for the day.
Who is the boy, why did he get on the train and where will he go? Stay tuned for a train crash that will keep you guessing!
Find the truth and reveal the secrets behind the Devil’s Eyes, the perfect match to the Devil’s Hearts!


Features Key:

  • Control a powerful Samurai, on a quest to seek and defeat the God Kuma
  • Encounter hundreds of enemies from the lands of Nobunaga, Takeda and Uesugi
  • Wield a variety of special weapons
  • Upgrade your Samurai’s stats to gain power and points
  • Storyline:

    Become the hero in this action-packed story where death is only one! Brave your way through the lands of Edo and in the process face fearsome minions of the Gods. The lands are ravaged by two primary forces: samurai and Warlords of the shinobi clans. Before you step into the world of Samurai Legend, be warned: the most powerful and knowledgeable of the clans possess a fatal weakness to iron. The iron of which the Samurai is made is a lethal poison to the enemies they slay. If you find that your special weapons are ineffective against the deadly iron while facing enemy foes, there is little hope for your survival outside the poisonous land. If this ever happens to you, consider yourself dead! The legend of a man known as the Undefeated Samurai begins here!

    Undefeated Samurai Game Screenshots:

    Go into the games and download the Undefeated Samurai screenshots:

    Each of these Undefeated Samurai Game screenshots shows an example of the ways you can fight in the game. Treat this as a visual demonstration to you’re just the basic fighting styles.

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