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July 30, 2018 at 12:05 am

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So, is there any way to work around this?
I even tried enabling Desktop Composition for Window 10 and that didn’t work either..
Thanks in advance


It is not a Compiz issue, the process I am doing is the same which is accessing the ALT+F2 context menu and then selecting Special Applications
For example, I can select the app ‘windows update’ from that menu, but not ‘windows defragmenter’.
Also, even if I open the ‘windows defragmenter’ process first in ALT+F2 and then select Special Applications, it does not work.


But this is not a Compiz issue…

I see many similar posts about this.

When I was running Compiz, when I selected the processes and selected a process like : ‘windows update’, it would open that process and then open the menu where I could click on Start, then Alrt+F2, and then select ‘Programs’ and launch that application.

Now that I don’t have a Compiz running, no matter which process I select from the menu and click on Start, it does not open that process. I have to select the ‘open with’ menu and then select the application from there.

That seems like a very strange setting to be able to open a process from the menu

Have you ever tried to see if these processes are in the registry?
Also what version of Windows are you running?
What do you mean “never mind”?

Thanks for the in-depth response


Nope, I haven’t checked the registry.
What I mean is that never mind, I should have been more descriptive in my question and that there are many posts here about this issue.

I have opened up the registry and made the changes to the key that is listed here


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