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Beyond the Lands Between is one of the most anticipated titles slated to be released in the new action RPG genre.

To make it easier for you to enjoy the game, we are holding a public beta test!

A seven-day trial version of the game will be available from August 27th, 2018 (Saturday).

Please note that this is the early beta test version, which will not be the final version.

What’s Included in the Beta Version?

What’s New in the Beta Version?

1) Placements in the New Lands Between
The new lands between are now fully populated with new monsters, traps, items, and discoveries.

2) Improve the Interface
Added a new feature that allows players to receive rewards from matches played as rewards. Additionally, in some areas, the currency has been adjusted to eliminate the negative effect of certain events.

3) Added “Loot Boxes”
In addition to the normal loot boxes, there are “Loot Boxes” that only allow you to choose the special rewards associated with a match, such as bonuses, additional characters, and other items.

4) Improved the Game Screen
Enhancements were made to improve the performance on mobile devices.

■ Beta Test Information

What are the conditions of the beta?

We will be starting the public beta test on August 27, 2018 from 5:00 a.m. PST.

The duration will be seven days.


Features Key:

  • A vast open world.Players can freely travel through the dense forests, lovely villages, famous monuments, and the vast lands between to see the whole world.
  • A unique and vivid environment.Through detailed and realistic elements such as cutscenes, characters, animation, sounds, and world interaction, players will experience the fantasy life of the Land Between more vividly.
  • High personal freedom.Rather than being restricted to a single and continuous region, players can freely navigate through every corner of the world via a NPC.
  • An active online world.Players can connect with other players and help each other in game.
  • Full PS4™ Enhancements for the Game experience.In addition to the excellent image quality and high fidelity characters and maps, players can enjoy smooth, intelligent movements and additional OS-based features to optimize the game experience on PS4™.
  • Cross Multiplayer, PlayStation®Network (PSN)online play.
  • Difficulty-level progression: From beginner to expert.
  • Multiple Control Options.Players can enjoy a variety of control options depending on which devices they own.
  • Gameplay Features:
    Seamless cinematic action RPG fight scenes.
    Single player action adventure RPG world exploration.
    High-quality graphics that will provide a world of difference.
    New Character Parts that are the new generation of characters are fun and the best looking around.
  • Certain aspects of this game contain content that may not be appropriate for children under 18.
    Also with PlayStation®Network features during the game not under the domain of the company Sony Digital Entertainment LLC in the United States.

    Copyright © 2017 – Elden Ring / 인스티아
    All rights reserved.

    Developed by Impeccable Craft LLC & Inc., Seoul, Korea.

    UDK.Inc. is the most world-class publisher in Korea. Since 2005, UDK.Inc.
    has been developing quality cross-platform 3D action games including shooters, racing games, RPG, adventure games, and MMORPG.

    UDK.Inc. is currently developing an epic fantasy action RPG game called ‘Elden Ring’; a distinctive
    game combined with role


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    What You Need

    Gamecube / Wii

    Nintendo 3DS / 2DS / eReader

    Free space on your HDD (5 GB) / SD card (4 GB)

    For the game to run smoothly, please use the following resolution: 1920 x 1080 | 2.5 D Mode.


    Add a Gamecube / Wii to your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS.

    Play the game while connected to the internet.

    Online multiplayer only supports a limited number of players.

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    ※Server Updates:

    Server Title Server name and server update time

    Weeks of date

    Week of date

    Week of date Week of date Week of date

    Server update time Sunday, May 31 May 31, 2018 Thursday, June 5 June 5, 2018 Wednesday, June 11 June 11, 2018 Tuesday, June 17 June 17, 2018 Monday, June 23 June 23, 2018 May 31, 2018 Thursday, June 5 June 5, 2018 Wednesday, June 11 June 11, 2018 Tuesday, June 17 June 17, 2018 Monday, June 23 June 23, 2018 Server Name Title Name (Old) Name (Old) Time (h) Server Name Title Name (New) Name (New) Time (h) Server Name Title Name (Old) Name (Old) Time (h) Server Name Title Name (New) Name (New) Time (h)

    ※Updates will be announced in advance, and we will not announce the date of the update in this notice.

    ※You can use the Global Conquest feature to participate in the online gameplay even when you are offline. You can also participate in the Global Conquest from a certain date in the future after being awarded the Global Conquest title.

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    What’s new:

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    Note :

    If you encounter other game errors, you can directly email us at




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    author, creator, or publisher does not assume any responsibility for damage
    or injury resulting from the use of this mod.


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