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The Elden Ring Free Download Game is a fast paced Action Role Playing game. It is a fantasy story written from a mystic point of view. It is a game with a huge world full of details, rich in events, and full of different encounters.
The protagonist of the game is the childhood friend of the Elsirael protagonist. They have no choice but to journey through the Lands Between to help Elsirael, but the protagonist has a bad past they must overcome.
On the way they meet many new people and they have many choices to decide. It’s not easy to survive in the world of Tarnished Heroes and have the strength to overcome many challenges. Will the protagonist be able to overcome everything and unite the lands?
■Main Features
1. A World with a Novelistic Vastness
It is a world of wide open plains, huge dungeons and different environments. To truly experience all of its content, you will be rewarded with tons of items and treasures to increase your character’s level.
2. A Unique and Vast Mythical World
A world filled with distant realms, dragons that roam the high and lowlands, and a person who is the gem among all living beings of the world.
3. Special Magic that weaves the Worlds
A mixture of ancient and advanced elements and the magical powers of people.
4. Unique Fantasy Combat System
An easy-to-use and versatile combat system that gives you the feeling of being an action and battles game.
5. For Your First Game
A game where you can play with various pieces of information that are not available anywhere. Use them to develop your character and your decision-making skills.
1. Skill Gain
The skills you develop are upgradeable.
You can develop your character’s skills according to your own play style.
2. Items
You can equip items that affect the way you fight and interact with monsters.
Depending on your current equipment and your character’s level, the skills you can use can change.
3. Skill Gain Up to the Level of Your Character
You will be able to go up to level 20 in your first playthrough.
4. Experience
Your level increases if you defeat enemies and you gain more experience points as you level up.
5. Dungeons
Every dungeon can be cleared up to level 20.
6. Go to the World of Your Choice
Take an adventure to a different world with other players.
Explore the world and meet new


Features Key:

  • A Complex, Ticking Battle Mechanism
    Battle has a fascinating and beautiful system that allows the player to freely configure and change their actions. Various conditions will occur if your character is dealt an attack, and the battle mechanism constantly evolves as your character evolves.
  • Flat Brained Min/Maxing System
    Your character will automatically level-up and a new star is added to the Magicite every X-number of battles, so you should increase your level and the amount of Magicite you use to maximize your characters stats and access to new skills. More challenging monsters will occur if you increase the amount of Magicite used or your character’s level.
  • Even the Monsters Care About Detail
    Although they seem weak, the monsters in this game are highly interactive and unique monsters appear in every game. You can fight back if they’re dealt a shock attack, as well as attack back if they’re dealt an attack. Their behaviors can be upgraded to become stronger or dodge attacks if an opportunity to attack is presented.
  • Breath Sweeping Stages
    Levels are designed to be zesty with several interesting enemy types that appear in every stage, so it’s essential to have deep tactics.
  • Connectivity to Other Players
    Opponents in the same area, and other players across the world, can play too, allowing for a focus on the battle without being limited by time restrictions.
  • Playable Characters
    Although the playable characters are simultaneously available as you progress, they have unique aspects that make your personality unique and can be leveled up to your own specifications.

    The main characters are Tarnished, the Scions’ Charmianna, and Bleak, the Scions’ Pfionia, led by Lord Tarros and Lupus in the Scions’ base.
  • We are looking forward to the deep and intriguing story, as well as to providing you with an exciting game to play.

    The Elden Ring awaits you!



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    On February 27 2017 09:41 rakanawadam wrote:

    The game has a very good tutorial but after you’re done playing the game can go from very easy to very hard very fast leaving the player is wonderment in game. There isn’t a lot of game play and the game freezes after every death making a lot of hassle to continue. The game is for hardcore players. The online doesn’t seem to work all the time and online play is very slow.

    What should I do?

    I played the game for 6 hours, but it seemed like I played 1 hour. It is like some enemy keep sucking time and the game freezes every 30 seconds. It is not fun and I was VERY disappointed. It’s a shame that a game of this quality get more than 20 minutes on the Play store. Please go to Google Play and post a 5 star review or just don’t buy the game.

    For the price of $10.99, it should have been longer. I want my money back and I want a refund. I will never pay to download another MOBA from uPlay. I paid $10.99 for 7 hours of game time. It’s not worth it.

    I’m doing this for the Nothings great.

    It was the best RPG I’ve played after Dragon Quest Legends, and its online never froze!

    Thank you for making a game like this, it’s not easy!

    I really hope uPlay will run the game offline for those that like to play their games offline only. That’s why I bought the game.

    I loved this game, but because of uPlay, I won’t buy any game made by them. I felt very bad at first, but you can check them out here:

    Thanks for reading.

    i suggest u play the demo before to get an idea, then after try it at full price.

    If u r a fan of mOBAs i suggest you play the base game and not the demo.

    I liked the tutorial. It was very good. The game has a very good tutorial but after you’re done playing the game can go from very easy to very hard very fast leaving the player is wonderment in game. There isn’t a lot of game play and the game freezes after every death making a


    Elden Ring Free

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    Free Elden Ring Crack For PC [Latest]

    1. Extract to hard drive {drive location}
    2. Install “setup.exe”
    3. Play the game
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    NOTE! ~ you can install the game
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    You can choose a folder to install it
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    Once the installation is complete, your game will have been prepared
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    You can play the game on any device, such as a PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox360,
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    How to install and run RING GAME:

    STEP 1:

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    STEP 2:

    There are two ways:
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    The point is, the game is installed into the HDD or the memory stick that you are downloading the game to.

    STEP 3:

    When you have downloaded the game, open it by double-clicking on setup.exe.

    STEP 4:

    If you want the game to update it (you don’t have to install it again), go to options>update and install it.

    In case you want to finish the installation, go to a new window: installation.

    In the “Installation directory” window, select the folder where you want the game to be installed.

    In the “Game directory” window, select the location where you want the game to save your data and where you want the game to save the list of your characters.

    STEP 5:

    When you have chosen the location and you have pressed “Create”, the game will be installed.

    STEP 6:

    You can now start playing the game.

    Feel free to click for more information.

    Rising of a new Tarnished, the game description, published more than


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unpack the release archive with WinZip
  • Run the Setup.exe to run the game
  • Run Crack.exe to install Modloader.
  • Once installed select “lollipop.ini.wip02” and then save
  • Once installed select “Game.ini.wip02” and then save
  • Copy crack files to game folder of C:/Program Files(x86)/SunriseRPG/
  • You can now enjoy playing the game.
  • Enjoy the Game!

    – *Original Description*

    Are you ready to charge into Elden Ring: Monument of the First Descendant a grand fantasy RPG for PC and mobile devices? This is the game of champions, Rise like the sun, burn red as fire, and guide th…

    Thu, 22 Mar 2016 18:45:23 +0000 is bringing their Final Fantasy series to mobile devices

    What is Nexon bringing and what do you think of their newest games?

    The series has opened for mobile devices and is headed by the remake of Final Fantasy VI. Before that came Final Fantasy I, II and III that took the franchise to a whole new level. After this minor cloud, it’s now time for the in-game system in Final Fantasy games to be localized. Not only that, you can now buy new items for your game characters as you take on the Final Fantasy series. What are they? Some of the new items are protectors and grenades. Considering the violence in these games, it’s quite surprising that this game’s characters aren’t carrying a cannon. I’ll be waiting to find out more.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    This mod will require you to use Windows 98SE. Due to a lack of the required files, it will also not work on Windows XP.
    For Windows XP users, it is recommended that you use the NMM version of the mod.
    Check out our other mod HERE.
    Latest Creation:
    CHECK out the latest creation of the mod HERE.
    How to Install?
    1. Install the Mod from the Downloaded Zip.
    2. Install Forge and NMM from the Mod folder


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