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Inazuma Eleven 3 Nds Ita __HOT__ 🖐🏿

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Inazuma Eleven 3 Nds Ita __HOT__ 🖐🏿

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Inazuma Eleven 3 Nds Ita

yakuman endou (interview): the late, great masahiro endou gives a 90-minute long interview about his life and career. he shares some very interesting things, including the story of how he was inspired to make soccer-themed manga such asinazuma eleven and how he felt about seeing it rise to popularity.

in the meantime, it’s been revealed that, the day before the new inazuma eleven game hits japanese stores, the third movie will premiere. the movie will be a part of the “oshaberi shime no mi ~inazuma eleven go: musashi~” anniversary event, and will be available for sale at this event. it will be shown on the day before the game’s release, so fans will be able to watch a brand-new, fun movie ahead of time!

in the series, the story is set in japan, where a group of high school students are the members of a football club. they are known as the “inazuma eleven.” in their town lives a mysterious ancient treasure, “inazuma stone”, which has the power to change the fate of the world. the members of the club always travel to the “mirai no yo” (“future world”) to collect the stone, and when they are too old to continue their journey, the inazuma stone will pass on to the “past world” to the new generation of inazuma eleven. the members are led by the “director,” who has a mysterious past and appears in the future as a “future world warrior.” the most powerful member of the inazuma eleven is the “red team leader” and “green team leader” (red and green are the colors of the two teams). the other members are the “red devils” (red team), “blue team” (blue team), “green dragons” (green team), “red lions” (red team), “black team” (black team), “white team” (white team), “blue tigers” (blue team), “yellow team” (yellow team), “yellow sharks” (yellow team), “pink team” (pink team), and “white dragons” (white team).

the inazuma eleven anime series received positive reviews, while the game series was met with mixed to negative reviews. the anime series was licensed by geneon, who handled the anime series until january 25, 2011, when funimation entertainment took over. the english dub of the inazuma eleven anime series was produced by ocean productions.
the anime first aired on tv tokyo from october 5, 2008 to january 20, 2011. it ran for a total of thirteen seasons and three hundred and sixty episodes. the main cast is composed of many of the inazuma eleven characters from the game series as well as new characters. it also featured a number of guest stars and cameo appearances, including many of the cast of shurayukihime. the first opening theme, “jōnetsu no ō” (, “the first awakening”) was written and performed by the mad capsule markets, while the first ending theme, “watashi no karada ni” (, “my wandering heart”) was performed by hitomi takahashi. the second opening theme, “kimi no kurage wo” (, “heart’s screaming”) was performed by h.i.m, while the second ending theme, “iiwake no ie” (, “the awakened wildness”) was performed by ruroni kenshin.
the game series was first released on november 16, 2008. the first game was titled inazuma eleven go , which was later renamed to inazuma eleven go in japan. the sequel was released on september 29, 2011. the main characters, endou mamoru and raimon jr high, are present in both games. the first game is set in a fictional town named inazuma, which is based on the real town of inazuma city. the second game is set in a fictional town called shinkou.

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