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Calendar of notable shows

Accomplishments and tournaments

Championship changes


NWA World Heavyweight Championship was unoccupied

NWA North American Heavyweight Championship

NWA United States Heavyweight Championship

NWA Brass Knuckles Championship was unoccupied

NWA Western States Tag Team Championship

NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship

NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Championship

NWA Tri-State Tag Team Championship


NWA World Heavyweight Championship was unoccupied

NWA World Tag Team Championship

WCW Hardcore Championship

Wrestling Challenge Wrestling

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

WCW United States Championship

NWA Americas Tag Team Championship

NWA British Commonwealth/WWA International Commonwealth Championship

NWA Brass Knuckles Championship

NWA North American Heavyweight Championship

NWA World Tag Team Championship

April 13 – The Legion of Doom
May 11 – Rob Eckos
June 6 – John Cena
July 17 – Brett Hart
August 24 – Raven
September 1 – Tom

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